Aging is a normal physiological process. Certain factors can accelerate the aging process, such as sun exposure, tobacco, stress and heredity, creating a discrepancy between your chronological age and your perceived age. With aging, gravity takes hold of the facial skin and soft tissue, eventually leading to the formation of “jowls” and “turkey gobbler” deformity of the neck.

Facelift surgery, otherwise known as “rhytidectomy”, is a procedure to help elevate the skin and deeper tissues to improve the appearance of the lower face and neck region. Excess skin is removed, and the facial skin and soft tissue are repositioned to achieve a graceful, more youthful look. Dr. Han specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery exclusively of the face and neck region. She uses delicately placed incisions around the natural folds near the ear and the sideburn area to better camouflage any signs of surgery. Her approach is a conservative one, to achieve a more natural and graceful result and to avoid the stretched, “wind blown” look.

Procedures that may be performed in conjunction with facelifts include blepharoplasty, browlift and rhinoplasty.