Otoplasty is plastic surgery of the ear to improve the appearance of prominent and/or large ears. Congenital deformities of the ear, otherwise known as “lop ear” or “cup ear”, may make an individual self-conscious about their appearance. The goal of otoplasty is to reshape and reset the ears to a more aesthetically pleasing position.

Otoplasty can be performed in both children and adults. For children, the ideal age for surgery is when the external ear has reached nearly adult size at around age 5 to 6. Children in this age group tend to be better candidates for surgery, since they are more likely to understand and cooperate in the postoperative care. Surgery at this time may also help curtail any feelings of self-consciousness that may develop from potential peer ridicule at school. Adults may also improve self-confidence and esteem after having the position and shape of their ears addressed through surgery.

Dr. Han has specialized training in plastic surgery of the ears to improve the position and appearance of the ear. Surgery is performed in an accredited outpatient surgical facility or hospital to optimize a safe and successful outcome.